Novella Oliana, born in Trani in 1978, is an Italian visual artist, lecturer and researcher who lives and works in Rome and Marseille. She holds a PhD in Visual Arts from the University of Aix-Marseille with a thesis in research-creation.
Anchored in the transdisciplinarity of thought, her practical and theoretical research focuses on the relationship between image and movement, questioning the use of various media (photography, video, drawing and performance). In her work, images are actions, events or “performative images” to be interpreted, lived and transformed through their connection with the body and its perception.
She reflects on speculative gestures and narratives as possible means of rethinking territories and inhabiting the world. Her works often generates hybrid artistic outputs and non-academic standard objects, linking writing to visual and performative works.

Her work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions, including Images Gibellina (2019); F4-Photo Open-Up festival (2020); Arcoscenico-Numero Cromatico (2020), double solo show with Mario Cresci (Red Lab Gallery, 2020).

Her latest publications include "Chambres, universes: fragments d'un espace inventé", PU MIDI, Toulouse, 2018; "The Mediterranean surface and the archetype of the island as contemporary paradigms for accessing cultural commons", Springer-verlag, 2020.

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